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Sahibinin Acısı, is made out of the words that flow through someone's mind as she walks on the unofficial procession that was done on Berkin Elvan‘s funeral day. 

All the slogans, the marches and the flags construct a conflict in the walker's mind as she questions through out the procession if the thousands of people that are walking together are really together or not. 

In a procession that is filled with the slogans of "We paid a price and we will make them pay a price!", she wants to ask 'a young child's life can be the price for what?'... 


„Sahibinin Acısı“ which has been first performed as a play reading In Galata Perform's 'Body and City' themed 3rd New Text New Theater Festival, is being showcased as a Duende-gnelev production. 

One Act /75 min.

Performer: İpek Taşdan
Writer: İpek Taşdan
Director: Turgay Doğan
Videoart & Music: Turgay Doğan
Movement Direction: Beliz Demircioğlu
Lighiting Design: Mustafa Altındeğer
Production: gnelmekan & DUENDE

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