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@sokaktahareket & @movementstreetjam

what is it, where is it?

Movement Street Jam is an improvisation activity in which people can move freely, as they feel, or stand still if they want, for 15 minutes in a certain time and in an outdoor space.


What are the rules?

  • It is important to wear a mask because we are in a pandemic period.

  • Moving together or individually without touching each other

  • We come quietly, and go our own way at the end of 15 minutes without speaking (believe me, this has another pleasure)

  • People are free to explore their voices in different ways (just no talking:)

  • We respect both the place and the neighbors


Where is it?


On Tuesdays between 18:30-18:45 and in some locations on Sunday. Please check our instagram account for updated information @movementstreetjam

If you would like to start one in your own neighbourhood, let us know, let us share our experiences and announce that location from our platforms.

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