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Humanity is going through an enlightment phase in which it also faces very dark and violent times. Intolerance has reached the mountain top of human aggression.

But it doesn’t matter,

We have seen world wars,atomic bombs,starvation of children. After each time that we collapsed we brought something new from inside... And now is that time... Reflect your potential to create sustainable differences...

“İçyüzey” is a mirror, where the reflection opens into one’s self. Refresh yourself, your hope...

Suat Özyaprak

icyuzey is an interactive video installation. 

The video footage that appears in the background is collected from all around the world. The visuals are videos of continuing motion of running down the stairs almost at a collapsing pace. When the viewers appear in front of the installation, they see the outlines of their body but what fills them inside is visuals representing hope.

This installation has been showcased in Kasa Galeri (Istanbul), Bjcem Biennial in Italy and Centres des Arts Enghien Les Bains.

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